Regular Weekly Cleaning

The same professional cleaner at a day and time to suit you

Our regular weekly cleaning service offers a trustworthy, reliable cleaner alongside 5-star customer service, from your initial enquiry and beyond.

Our entire ethos is based on matching you with the ideal cleaner for your requirements. Your local manager will start by asking if there are any days that would be unsuitable for your weekly domestic cleaning to take place. This ensures that any slots we offer you are convenient and fit in with your other commitments.

We will also discuss your cleaning requirements in detail. Some companies offer a ‘basic service’ for every client that enquires, whereas our offering aims to tailor each weekly clean to each client. This means taking the time to understand your priorities, budget and your expectations. Things you may not consider important can make all the difference to your experience, that’s why we even go to the lengths of checking your ‘pet peeves’ or anything ‘special’ we could do to impress! Once we understand this, we can then ensure that this information is passed onto your cleaner.

With our weekly cleaning service, you can change your priorities for each clean if you wish to. For example, you may choose to have a focus on bathrooms one week and switch to bedrooms the following week. Or you can simply add in extra priorities on one specific clean due to guests coming to stay.


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For every client, we send a ‘client requirements’ document to the assigned cleaner. This document is password protected for security purposes and gives the cleaner all of the information they need to provide a weekly cleaning service that is in line with their client’s individual expectations.

It’s important to remember that the first clean might not be perfect. It’s often the first time your cleaner has seen your property and they will be taking their time to get to know the house and your requirements. Your local manager will contact you immediately after the first clean for feedback and this is your opportunity to discuss any improvements we can make or mention anything that you weren’t completely satisfied with.

One of the benefits of using an agency for your weekly cleaning services is that if, for any reason, you aren’t happy with your assigned cleaner, we can assign an alternative. We have a pool of registered cleaners to choose from, so if we don’t assign the ideal cleaner for you first time, we have the opportunity to get it right second time!

Another benefit of using Well Polished is that you have a dedicated, local manager who you can contact anytime to discuss your cleaning. Whether this is to request more hours each week, rearrange a clean or simply to pass on some feedback about your cleaner, we are always available to chat. So if you’d like to add more into your weekly clean such as home ironing or housekeeping, we can help. Even if you think you might like less time, we can talk through our fortnightly cleaning options.

Our regular weekly cleaning service aims to make your life easier by providing a reliable, trustworthy cleaner with no hassle. They will come to your home at the same time and on the same day each week, so you can plan accordingly.

If you are interested in discussing your bespoke requirements and finding out more about how Well Polished can help you with regular weekly cleaning, please get in touch today.

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