Take away the hassle of household chores

Our housekeeping service is complementary to our regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service. Alongside the general cleaning of your home, housekeeping services can help you to keep on top of your household chores.


For example, your cleaner can assist with your laundry. Each week, you can leave your washing for the cleaner to pop in the washing machine. Depending on how many hours your cleaner is there for, they could also take the washing out of the machine before they leave and hang it out to dry. Or, if time doesn’t allow, you could put the washing on before you leave the house and we will ensure to hang it out when we get to your home. Either way, you can return home to a full load of washing freshly hung on the line or the maiden and one less thing to do!


Another housekeeping chore we can undertake for you is changing the bed linen. There’s no better feeling than climbing into a bed made up with fresh sheets, and it’s even better if you haven’t had to change them yourself! If you leave out your fresh linen ready for your cleaner, they can strip the bed and remake it. We could also pop the used sheets in the washing machine ready for you to hang out to dry on your return home. Changing the beds in a family home can be a time-consuming task, so leave it to your Well Polished cleaner and give yourself that time back.



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Our housekeeping service can also encompass certain cleaning tasks that may get forgotten in the weekly cleaning itself. Things like cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming under sofa cushions and putting away your ironing can be so beneficial to your daily home life. We can also take care of other undesirable tasks such as taking the bins out, emptying the dishwasher or doing the dishes! Imagine coming home to a sparkling, clean kitchen with an empty dishwasher, a clear sink, a freshly lined bin, and a crumb-free sofa!


You don’t specifically need to book ‘housekeeping services’ when you enquire with Well Polished – this service is simply available alongside your regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning service. If you let your local manager know that you would like some of these extra services within your booked slot, your local manager will ensure to assign a cleaner who is experienced and capable of carrying out housekeeping chores. You might also choose to add an extra hour onto your booking to allow your cleaner to really get stuck into housekeeping tasks alongside the general cleaning.


With any booking, we always recommend that you write a list of jobs in priority order. This allows you to state clearly which tasks are of highest importance to you and ensures that your assigned cleaner knows what you care about the most. With this knowledge, your cleaner can prioritise their time in your home accordingly and you can feel confident that when you return, your requirements have been met.


If you would like to understand more about our housekeeping services, or other helpful add-on like our home ironing service, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we would be happy to chat through the options.


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