General FAQ’s

Will my cleaner bring cleaning supplies and equipment?

The cleaner will generally use your own products and equipment. This is to avoid any potential cross contamination between properties and also to ensure your home is cleaned the way you like it. However, if you do need your cleaner to bring products or equipment, this can be arranged but the cleaner will charge a slightly higher hourly rate.

Can I give my cleaner a key?

If you wish to provide your cleaner with a key to your property, this will be an arrangement between yourself and your cleaner. We always suggest you ask for a signature from your cleaner when transferring keys. The cleaner will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the keys and for returning them to you when required. Well Polished do not hold keys on behalf of clients.

Is Well Polished insured?

Well Polished holds Public Liability insurance of at least £1m. Please note that there is an excess on any claim and you will be responsible for the first £100 of this excess. This enables us to keep costs down by avoiding claims for minor accidental damage that can occasionally occur during the normal course of cleaning.

Can my cleaner provide other services such as gardening or grocery shopping?

You can agree other tasks directly with the cleaner but it is important to note that our public liability insurance will only cover cleaning and general housekeeping duties.

Can I have a trial clean?

As we only require one month’s notice to terminate the service we do not offer a “trial clean”. However, if you are in any way unhappy or dissatisfied with the cleaner introduced, we will work with you to address any issues and, if they cannot be resolved, we will introduce a replacement cleaner.

How do you vet the cleaners you introduce?

All cleaners introduced by Well Polished will have gone through a strict registration process including initial screening, one to one interviews, reference checking, ID and address checks and a Government proscribed Right to Work (RTW) check.

Are the cleaners “police-checked”?

It is not a legal requirement for domestic or commercial cleaners to be DBS checked (“Disclosure and Barring Service” formerly “CRB”) unless they are working with children or vulnerable adults. If you do require a “DBS” checked cleaner please let us know.

Will I ever be charged more than the “typical” rate shown on your website?

The majority of regular weekly clients will pay the typical rate shown on the website which is a combination of the cleaner’s hourly rate and the service subscription. However, there are circumstances when you may be asked to pay the cleaner a higher hourly rate and some examples are shown below:

  • You want the cleaner to provide cleaning products or equipment
  • You live in a more remote location that will involve extra travel time for the cleaner
  • There is no free parking available outside or very near to your home

Finally, the rate shown on the website is for weekly domestic cleaning. A higher rate may apply for fortnightly cleaning, one-off cleans or non-domestic cleaning.

Regular Cleaning FAQ’s

Will I have the same cleaner every week?

Yes, at Well Polished we provide you with the same cleaner each week.

What happens if my regular cleaner is sick or on holiday?

Should your regular cleaner be unable to attend, we will introduce a cover cleaner on request. On occasions, due to short notice, the cover cleaner may not be able to attend on your regular day/ time but we will agree a mutually suitable alternative with you.

What happens if I go on holiday?

Your cleaner can still complete your clean (if you provide them with a key) but if you would rather skip a week or two, that is fine. Just let us know in advance.

Will I be refunded for missed hours of cleaning?

You will only pay the cleaner for the hours worked so, if the cleaner is unable to attend or you skip a clean because of holidays etc you will not pay the cleaner for the hours that have been missed. The Well Polished agency fee is a monthly subscription rather like a Sky subscription or Gym membership so is payable whilst you are subscribing to the service. However, if your regular cleaner is unable to attend and we are unable to provide a cover cleaner, we will agree a one-off reduction in your subscription.

Can I have ironing as well as cleaning? And does it cost extra?

Yes, if you let your Well Polished Manager know, we will introduce a cleaner who is happy to provide ironing services as well as cleaning. The hourly rate will remain the same but you will probably need additional time to accommodate both.

How do I pay my cleaner?

You should agree directly with your cleaner an appropriate payment method – most clients either pay in cash or via bank transfer.

How do I pay my agency fee?

Your agency fee is a fixed monthly subscription based on the number of hours cleaning you require. This is collected as a regular monthly recurring payment either via our card payment facility, Stripe, or other regular payment method. The payment will be due each month on the same date as the first clean but this payment date can be adjusted by contacting your local Well Polished Manager.

What if I need to cancel my regular cleaning service?

We require just one month’s notice to cancel your agreement.

Will I still have a cleaner during the school holidays or Christmas etc.?

We aim to provide you with a cleaning service 52 weeks of the year.

What if I decide to increase/decrease my weekly cleaning hours?

All amendments to your weekly cleaning hours must be discussed with your Well Polished Manager, who will confirm availability and any change to the Subscription.

What do I do if I am unhappy with my regular cleaner?

If you have any issues at all with your cleaner, please just let your Well Polished Manager know and, if the issue cannot be resolved, Well Polished will introduce an alternative cleaner

One-off Cleaning FAQ’s

Can I specify the work that needs doing?

Yes, we actively encourage you to create a schedule of work in priority order. Your cleaner(s) will then work through this list and get as much done as they can in the time allotted.

Will the cleaning include ovens and carpets?

Your cleaner can clean your oven or cooker with standard household products but, if you need a professional deep clean of the appliance, this is a specialist service that would normally involve some dismantling and the use of specialist chemicals. Similarly, the cleaner will vacuum your carpets but, if you require professional carpet shampooing, steam cleaning etc we would recommend engaging a specialist company for this service. Well Polished may be able to provide details of local companies that offer these services.

How do I know how many hours I need?

Every property is different so you should book the number of hours you are happy to pay for and your cleaner(s) will work through your schedule in priority order within the allotted hours.  Alternatively, if agreed, the cleaner(s) will work through your schedule until it is completed. On occasions, this may involve more than one visit.

What if I have not booked enough hours to complete the work?

Your cleaner will let you know if there are not enough hours to complete all the work on your schedule. You can then arrange additional hours on the day if the cleaner is able to accommodate this within their schedule. Alternatively, a further visit can be arranged. Obviously, this will incur an additional charge by the cleaner for the extra hours.

Should I de-clutter the property before my cleaner arrives? 

Yes! In order to get the most out of your clean, it is important to ensure that the areas which need cleaning are free of clutter. Your cleaner may be happy to assist in the de-cluttering process, however, this will effectively waste time that could be spent cleaning. 

How do I pay my cleaner?

You should agree directly with your cleaner an appropriate payment method – most clients either pay in cash or via bank transfer. Payment must be made on the day of the clean for the actual hours worked by each cleaner at the agreed hourly rate

How do I pay my agency fee?

Your agency fee must be paid in advance. This can be paid via Bank Transfer or, where available, online via our card payment facility, Stripe. Details will be provided on your Booking Confirmation.

What if I need to cancel my one-off clean?

You can cancel your one-off clean at any time by contacting your local Well Polished branch. However, if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, your agency fee is non-refundable.

Can I get a receipt? 

Yes, Well Polished can provide you with a ‘PAID’ invoice for the agency fee and your cleaner can provide a receipt for the hours charged for cleaning. 

What do I do if I am unhappy with the results?

It is up to you to inspect the work the cleaners have done and to notify the cleaner(s) directly of any issues as soon as possible so that an agreement can be reached on additional work and/or additional hours. 

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