Fortnightly Cleaning

A bi-weekly cleaner to keep your home tip-top

Our fortnightly cleaning service offers you all the benefits of our weekly service but on a bi-weekly basis. Some clients opt for a fortnightly service due to budget constraints, and others just simply prefer the less frequent visits.

It’s important to remember that with only coming once every two weeks, your cleaner is automatically on the back foot when it comes to keeping on top of things. Therefore, we would always recommend adding an extra hour to however long you were originally thinking to allow for the infrequency of the cleaner’s attendance.

As most cleaners are keener to take on weekly contracts, we do often ask clients opting for a fortnightly cleaning service if they can be a little bit more flexible on their preferred days and times. This way, we can try and book two fortnightly clients on opposing weeks in order to effectively fill a cleaner’s schedule.


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With our fortnightly service, we often find that clients prefer to use their cleaning slot for more deep cleaning tasks as opposed to basic surface cleaning which is generally maintained in-between cleans. For example, as a fortnightly client, you may ask your cleaner to focus on deep cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen as opposed to dusting and hoovering the whole property. We have found throughout the years that this is the best use of a fortnightly cleaning slot as it tends to make the biggest impact. You can also start your fortnightly cleaning with an initial deep clean.

Another thing to consider with fortnightly cleans is that if for any reason you choose to miss a week (due to a holiday etc), it may well mean that you end up missing a full month. This is because your cleaner may not be able to push your clean back a week due to having another fortnightly client on the opposing week to your clean. If this ever happens, you can always contact your local manager and arrange a cover cleaner to avoid missing a full month.

Our fortnightly cleaning service allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a regular cleaner, but without the weekly commitment!

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