Home Ironing Service

Pressed and put away the same day

Our home ironing service gives you all the benefits of a regular ironing service, but without your clothes ever leaving your home!


Many of our registered cleaners are proficient at ironing as well as cleaning – in fact, it’s one of the questions we ask during an interview. If you want to include ironing alongside your usual home cleaning, always let your local manager know during your initial enquiry so they can assign a cleaner who is happy and capable of providing ironing services.


There is a real beauty of having your cleaner take care of ironing. Not only do you come home to a fabulously clean house, you also return to your garments pressed and put away in your wardrobe.


You can also enjoy the fact that your clothes are being ironed with your own iron and on your own ironing board. We’re advocates for using our client’s products and equipment as it avoids cross-contamination between properties, but also ensures your home is cleaned the way you like it. This is no different with our ironing service. Why would you want your clothes being ironed with the same appliance that’s been used in multiple other households?



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You don’t have to specifically book our ironing service, or even allocate a specific time in your regular weekly clean for it. If you prefer, you can simply add ironing to your cleaning schedule as the last priority. This way, if your cleaner gets the cleaning finished early, they can crack on with your ironing afterwards. Even if they don’t get through the whole pile in the time remaining, every little helps as they say!


As with anything precious to you in your home, we would always recommend you don’t take risks. Whether this is a beloved silk blouse or an antique bookcase – if you’re concerned about an item being damaged by your cleaner, please feel free to ask us not to touch it! Your cleaner will not be offended. We understand that some things are too important to put in the hands of someone else, and therefore appreciate there may be some things that are off-limits.


Our home ironing service is the perfect stand-alone solution to your ever-growing ironing pile, or indeed, a fantastic add on to your regular cleaning service. And if you need an extra bit of help our housekeeping services might be an excellent fit. Either way, Well Polished can provide a service to suit your requirements.


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