Initial Deep Clean

Bring the sparkle back to your home

Many clients find it beneficial to book in for an initial deep clean before they start their regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning services.

You may wonder what’s different between deep cleaning and your normal weekly clean…

Firstly, an initial deep clean tends to be a significantly longer clean. For example, a client who is booking for 3 hours a week of cleaning might have an initial deep clean of 6 or 7 hours. Secondly, the aim of initial deep cleaning would be to get the property back to a maintainable standard.

There are many tasks and chores around the home that get forgotten or neglected. For example:

  • Cleaning underneath furniture
  • Inside the fridge and microwave
  • Inside the kitchen cupboards
  • Skirting boards throughout the property
  • Blinds/curtain rails
  • Lamp shades
  • Underneath the bed
  • Underneath sofa cushions
  • Table/chair legs
  • Window frames and door handles

The list goes on!

Jobs like these are time consuming and don’t generally take priority when a cleaner has a limited amount of time to contend with. With an initial deep clean, we can spend the time your home needs to start your regular visits on a ‘clean slate’. Often, for a deep clean, we may send more than one cleaner, depending on how many hours you book for.


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An initial deep clean doesn’t have to be this thorough though. It may just be that your home needs a bit of extra TLC for the first clean but, ongoing, fewer hours would suffice.

Another reason you may choose to book a deep clean is if you’ve just moved into a new property. We would all want our new home to be spotless before we put our own furniture and belongings inside it, so let us help add some Well Polished sparkle before you unpack.

An initial deep clean benefits both you and the cleaner. Our registered cleaners are all perfectionists and want to do the best possible job in every property they visit. This isn’t always possible if a home that really needs 5 hours of cleaning a week is only having 2 hours a week. However, we understand that budget constraints can mean the hours of cleaning your house ‘needs’ might not be possible. This is where an initial deep clean is a great idea.

Giving your cleaner the time to get into all the nooks and crannies and allowing them to use that longer chunk of time to get on top of the cleaning will mean that your regular slots aren’t as overwhelming.

Some clients choose to have an additional deep clean every few months to allow time for those ‘often forgotten’ tasks that can build up easily! Regular deep cleaning alongside your weekly clean will mean your home is not only getting a regular spruce up, but it’s also getting a good ‘Spring clean’ every so often too. And for a special event you could always book a seasonal blitz clean.

In most cases, you won’t pay any extra agency fee for your first initial deep clean either, making it a cost-effective way of getting the most out of your cleaning service.

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