Seasonal Blitz Cleans

Preparing for those special times of year

A one-off clean, also known as a blitz clean or a single booking, is very simply a cleaner coming to your property on one occasion to clean. You may require a one-off clean when you’re moving into a new property, if you have guests coming to stay or even just because it’s coming up to Christmas and you want a big clean. Some clients simply book a one-off clean every so often to help them keep on top of things.

A one-off blitz clean is very different to a regular clean as we only have that single opportunity to meet your expectations. Therefore, when booking a one-off clean, it is even more important that you are clear with your requirements and that this information is properly passed onto your assigned cleaner.

Your local manager may ask you questions such as:

  • How many hours would you like to book for?
  • Is the property clear of furniture or not?
  • How many bedrooms/bathrooms are in your property?
  • Are you looking for every room in the house to be cleaned?
  • Are you looking for a surface clean or a deep clean?

That last question is probably the most important. Whilst a surface clean will have your home looking good, it is limited to the basic cleaning tasks such as polishing surfaces, vacuuming all floors, thoroughly cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and ensuring the property looks tidy. However, a deep clean is a more intense clean that can involve things like moving furniture, cleaning inside cupboards and kitchen appliances and putting focused effort into cleaning the skirting boards. Some clients may see these tasks as basic and what they would expect as standard, but it’s important to understand that these tasks take much longer than surface clean tasks and so the hours you book for should reflect this.



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We would always recommend inspecting the clean before the cleaner is finished for the day. All our cleaners are very happy to receive feedback, including constructive criticism, and if they have missed something, they would much rather you tell them whilst they are still there so they are able to correct it.

During the clean, you may find that you have underestimated how many hours are needed. Again, this is something we will communicate to you if the cleaner reports that they feel this way. This is not a problem – we can always stay for longer or rebook you in for a few extra hours on another day. Or, if you prefer to stick to the original booking, then you can review your priorities and tell the cleaner what to focus on in the time they have.

There’s no right or wrong type of blitz clean – it’s whatever you, as the client, require and we can adapt to most circumstances. Whether you’re looking for a helping hand getting back on top of the household chores, or if you need your home to look spotless before a party you’re hosting, Well Polished can organise a one-off clean that meets your expectations.

If you’d like to continue with a cleaner to maintain your one-off clean, you might be interested in our regular weekly or fortnightly cleaning services. If you are interested in discussing your bespoke requirements and finding out more about how Well Polished can help you with regular cleaning, please get in touch today.

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