Post-Christmas Clean Up

by Janine, Dec 2021

After the celebrations, it’s always cathartic (and most of the time, neccessary!) to have post-festivities clean up in your home. Here’s our top 5 top tips for returning your home to its former ordered glory.

1. Pine needles require a deep clean

If you had a real Christmas tree, then you could be battling the inevitable onslaught of pine needles for months to come. It’s easy to think you’ve done the job when you’ve removed the tree from your home and cleaned up the immediate aftermath. HOWEVER, if you’re a regular fir connoisseur, you’ll know that that’s a rookie mistake to make. After getting rid of your tree, it’s an ideal opportunity for a deep clean of that room which includes underneath sofas, rugs, chairs etc and even underneath sofa cushions – you’ll be amazed where those little needles end up!

Now, it’s no surprise you’re immediately reaching for the vacuum cleaner, but due to the sticky residue on the needles, they tend to build up in the tube, causing a blockage before even reaching the vacuum bag or canister. So unless you want to end up having to take your hoover apart to clean the needles up for a second time, we’d recommend steering clear of this tempting tool.

Dust pan and Brush

Simple yet effective –  these are the best tools for cleaning up the needles from around the bottom of the tree. 

Rubber Broom

If you have a set of rubber brooms at home, then these are ideal for removing needles from vinyl, tiles, and carpets. These sets usually include a small brush which is great for getting into all those tiny nooks and crannies, where the broom cannot reach. If you don’t have one of these, it’s something we’d recommend investing in.

Lint Roller

Classically used on clothes, these babies are fantastic tools for removing pesky pine needles from soft furnishings and the like.

2. Give your oven the ‘New Year New Me’ treatment

What better way to start a New Year than with a sparkling, clean oven? Your oven has probably had a hard slog throughout 2021, considering the amount of time we’ve all spent locked in our homes, and then you’ve given it one final flourish cooking Christmas dinner for the family.

Check out our article on how to clean your oven… properly!

3. Replace old with new

If you were on Santa’s nice list, you’ve probably received a selection of new items… perhaps new clothes, shoes, homeware etc. Rather than overwhelming your house with more ‘stuff’, operate a one in, one out system.

For example, if you received a new pair of trainers then choose an old pair to donate to charity.

This way, you will keep your home free from unnecessary clutter and have a ‘home’ for all your new gifts.

4. Be kind to your future self

2022 Christmas you will thank 2021 post-Christmas you for this next tip, and that’s… put your Christmas decorations away neatly and in an easy to manage manner. Wrap Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard to avoid tangles, organise baubles by colour, pack away decorations in an order that makes logistical sense for next year… basically, be mindful when you’re saying goodbye to Christmas 2021.

5. Book yourself a New Year clean

Once you’ve ‘de-Christmassed’ your home, you may want to consider booking in a deep clean with a professional. A New Year calls for a fresh start, and a full home scrub down can be the perfect way to start that process.

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