How to keep spiders out of your home

by Janine, Sep 2021

It’s officially here guys… the weather is cooling, our homes are enticingly warm and our eight-legged foes are seeking out the shelter. It’s spider season!

With False Widows and giant house spiders cropping up around UK, here are the best ways to keep your home spider free (hint… we’ve left the absolute best till last).

The Old Wives Tale

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s a firm favourite… conkers! Many people swear that placing conkers in the corners of your home, and on windowsills etc – you avoid the invasion of spiders. There’s no actual evidence to prove that this is true, but anything is worth a shot right?

The Scent Solution

So we’ve done our research and there’s three smells that spiders apparently HATE and they are:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Citrus
  3. Vinegar

Whilst we’re all likely to have a bottle in the cupboard, we’re not sure we want our houses smelling like a fish and chip shop! So vinegar might be out last choice…

But rubbing lemon rind along window sills, or sprinkling peppermint oil on your curtains will surely smell delightful, whilst also keeping those pesky creepy crawlies at bay!

The ‘Exacerbater’

What’s going to make your spider problem worse, rather than better? Other insects!

Spiders aren’t attracted to the light, but they are very attracted to the arachnids that are. So if you leave your windows open and the lights on, you won’t only have to deal with the moths dancing around the bulb… you might also have a spider lurking!

*Adds ‘Turn lights off, close windows’ to to-do-list.

The Overreaction

Okay, we all know someone who is a serious arachnophobe and if you are genuinely terrified of spiders, then maybe this solution isn’t that much of an overreaction.

Spiders hate the smell of cedar wood, so if you invested in some cedar furniture, you could solve the problem. However, it’s potentially a pricey solution for a fairly minor problem.

Why not try some cedar clothes hangers? At least then, you know you shouldn’t have to deal with a ‘spider on your clothes’ situation!

A second solution which could be considered a step too far (but not if you’re a fan of felines!) is to get a cat! Cats are born hunters and will chase anything that runs across the floor – so you could have your very own spider catching machine (and a furry friend in the process!)

And finally, maybe not so much an overreaction, but more of a job that should actually have been done years ago anyway… caulking any gaps around your windows and doors. Spiders can squeeze through the tiniest of spaces so even if you’re fastidious with shutting your windows, they could be staging a break in anyway!

The Easy Option

You know what the experts say is the number one way to avoid spiders in your home?!

C L E A N . C L E A N. C L E A N.

Perhaps the most boring method but the most effective. Spiders love to hide in dark and neglected places, and any leftover food will attract insects that will in turn attract more spiders.

Vacuuming or dusting away cobwebs and egg sacs will make spiders less eager to return. Removing plant matter and debris from around your house will also work as a preventative measure as there will be fewer spiders to move inside.

And then why not make life easier by booking a cleaner with Well Polished and avoiding the chores along with the spiders?!

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