Getting the most out of your clean

by Janine, Jul 2022

Here at Well Polished, we aim for our cleaning service to take away the stress and the hassle. We want all our customers to return home to a sparkling clean home and feel completely satisfied with the service they’ve received.

To ensure this, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you get the maximum from your clean!

Preparing your home

We’ve been operational for over 10 years, so we’ve seen it all! We know all too well that family life often means organised chaos and clutter can sometimes build up without us even noticing.

However, if you want your cleaner to spend all their time ‘cleaning’ your home, it’s important that you spend 10 minutes ‘tidying’ the home. We’re not referring to that old adage of ‘clean before the cleaner comes!” – but more a quick whizz round to remove any clutter and to ensure all the surfaces and the floor are clear.

Those precious minutes saved for your cleaner will leave them with more time to get through your priorities!

Products and equipment

We use all your cleaning products and equipment to ensure your home is cleaned exactly how you like it! Therefore, ensuring you have a good supply of products and appliances in working order is paramount.

Your local Well Polished manager (or indeed your cleaner!) will be able to advise a basic list of products we require if needed.

It’s also important to ensure your supplies are easily accessible and ready for us:

  • If you have a cordless vacuum, ensure it is fully charged
  • Get all your products and equipment out of the cupboard ready (or at least let your cleaner know where they can find them)

Write down your priorities

You will probably discuss your priorities with your local Well Polished manager and they will pass these onto your assigned cleaner – but there’s no harm in jotting them down anyway!

Try to be as detailed as possible with your instructions. If you prefer a certain product to be used on a specific surface – say so! This is your clean and the more information tour cleaner has about your preferences, the happier you’ll be with the end result.

It’s also important to list tasks in a priority order as your cleaner will then work from top priority to bottom. This means that if we do run out of time, you know your main priorities will definitely have been completed!

Manage expectations

If you have a large home, your cleaner can feel overwhelmed believing they will be expected to clean the whole property. And depending on the hours you’ve booked for, this might not be realistic.

It’s important to discuss your expectations with your cleaner and with your Well Polished manager so we can work together to ensure we meet them!

Be honest

Your feedback is invaluable to us, which is why we will contact you after your first clean to ask how everything went. It’s important you’re completely honest about how you feel the clean went so that your local manager can pass your feedback onto the cleaner, and then ensure your subsequent clean addresses any issues.

The first clean won’t always be perfect! It’s often the first time your cleaner has been to the property, and it’s definitely the first time they’ve had the opportunity to work through your schedule. But if anything was missed on the first clean, your feedback will help us to correct this.


In summary, booking a cleaner with Well Polished will leave you with a sparkling home and more time to focus on the things that matter to you. But these small tips can be the difference between a good clean, and a great clean!

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