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Starting your own business may seem like an impossible dream. However, it certainly isn’t unachievable – just ask Well Polished’s Founder, Sandra Venables.

While only 34% of the world’s entrepreneurs are female, research shows that they are actually more successful than their male counterparts. So, what are the habits of successful female entrepreneurs? Well, we asked 50 successful businesswomen to share their top tips and experiences. From small start-ups to international businesses, these women certainly know a thing or two about building and maintaining a profitable enterprise.

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“ My advice for women is to be very clear about what you want out of your life and business and then pursue it with all the energy, determination and passion you can. Don’t wait for permission.

Just go for it. Remember that business is all about trial and error. Learn what works for you and your business. If it doesn’t work, then don’t keep doing it. ”

Natalie Sisson, Founder of Suitcase Entrepreneur

“ Do not undervalue/underestimate the power of networking. It is amazing who you might meet & who you could learn from. Try to attend as many networking events as you possibly can, you will undoubtedly meet invaluable contacts along the way and sometimes the value in an event can be just as much in the connections you make as it is in any sales opportunities. ”

Jodine Boothby, Founder of Gummee

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