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Well Polished registered cleaners are always paid above the minimum wage and this is reflected in our overall rate

Regular weekly cleaning

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Regular weekly cleaning

The same professional cleaner at a day and time to suit you

Our regular domestic cleaning service not only gives you a professional clean at a day and time to suit you, we also send the same cleaner each week to give you peace of mind and to ensure your desired routine is clearly established. Wherever possible, our cleaner will arrive 10 minutes early for the first clean so there is time to go through your schedule and your local Well Polished manager will call straight afterwards to check how everything went.

If for any reason there were any concerns at all after your first clean, your manager will endeavour to address these issues as soon as they are brought to their attention. With contracts starting from two hours per week (and going up to as many as you like), no matter how many hours you have, we will ensure your individual home cleaning needs are met. You can rest assured that our professional cleaning services will give you some time back for yourself.

Initial deep clean

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Initial deep clean

Bring the sparkle back to your home

You may choose to begin your regular domestic cleaning contract with an initial deep clean to get you started – and here we can get right down to the nitty gritty! Those jobs that we all put off can be completed before your weekly cleaning service begins – Why not let us be the ones to clean behind that fridge or tackle inside the kitchen cupboards? We can get down and wipe clean those skirting boards, get the showerhead shining and even eliminate that dust from your lampshades… whatever is important to you, is important to us. Our initial deep clean helps to bring the sparkle back to your home.

Fortnightly Cleaning

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Fortnightly Cleaning

A bi-weekly cleaner to keep your home tip-top

Our fortnightly domestic cleaning service offers the same fantastic service as weekly, but offers the flexibility of bi-weekly cleans. Here at Well Polished, we understand that for some people, having a cleaner in the home every week isn’t ideal – whether it not be financially viable, or that you simply prefer to have less frequent cleans… so our fortnightly service acts as the perfect alternative.

Home ironing service

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Home ironing service

Pressed and put away the same day

Another chore that nobody looks forward to is ironing, so why not take advantage of our home ironing service? Not only is it the same price as our cleaning services, and in most cases can be completed by your regular cleaner, but it’s all done in your home which means your clothes are pressed and put away the same day. There’s no need to panic about when your fresh ironing will be returned to you, or if any items will have gone missing – you can relax knowing that your favourite outfit is hanging in the wardrobe ready.

One-off Clean

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One-off Clean

A one-off clean to bring the sparkle back

Sometimes, you may want a one-off clean to prepare your home for a special occasion. Whether it be a birthday party, a family gathering or simply a treat to give yourself a rest – a one-off clean can bring the sparkle back to your home.


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Take away the hassle of household chores

There’s so much to be done around the home that even with a weekly cleaner, there can still be jobs left when you return from a long day at work. However, with our housekeeping service, we can take away the household chores. Whether it be hanging up the washing, making the beds, clearing the fridge of out of date food, or even something as simple as letting your dog out whilst we’re at the property… the housekeeping service encompasses everything ‘home life’.

Standard Opening Hours

Mondays - 9am-5pm
Tuesdays - 9am-5pm
Wednesdays - 9am-5pm
Thursdays - 9am-5pm
Fridays - 9am-5pm

We offer a range of domestic cleaning services to suit our clients' requirements.

Specialising in your regular cleaning requirements, we take pride in the tailored service we offer.

Here at Well Polished, our prices reflect the high standard of service we offer. Our cleaners receive a pay rate higher than minimum wage from their clients and this is because we value their hard work, their commitment and their experience. Our cleaners don’t just ‘clean’ your house… they add the Well Polished sparkle to every home they visit and we are extremely confident that you will be very pleased with the end result.

As part of the award winning cleaning network, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a National company along with the personal touch of a local manager.

Enquire today, or send over your booking request and join the thousands of others enjoying the benefits of a Well Polished weekly cleaner.


Rachel Phillips

Areas Covered

Aston Down, Bell Pitch, Bird in Hand, Bisley, Bournes Green, Box, Brownshill, Bussage, Chalford, Chalford Hill, Eastcombe, Edge, Edgeworth, Elcombe, Far Oakridge, Far Westrip, Forest Green, Frampton Mansell, France Lynch, Horsley, Lower Kitesnest, Lypiatt, Middle Lypiatt, Middle Spring, Minchinhampton, Miserden, Nailsworth, Oakridge, Oakridge Lynch, Old Neighbouring, Painswick, Painswick Beacon, Pitchcombe, Randwick, Ruscombe, Sheepscombe, Slad, Stancombe, The Camp, Upper Kitesnest, Westrip, Whiteshill, Whiteway


Why Choose Well Polished?

Now that you have decided you need a domestic cleaner, how do you decide which company to use? Will you be able to afford it? How can you be sure you can trust a stranger in your home? Will you be able to choose what gets cleaned and when? What happens if things don’t run smoothly? There are plenty of cleaning companies out there, so why choose Well Polished?

We are affordable

Fair prices dependent on location & weekly hours

No long-term contract

Just one month’s notice if you need to cancel

Insured and reference checked cleaners

Giving you peace of mind

Tailored service

You choose what gets done and when

Outstanding customer service

Always there when you need us

We are an established and growing company

You can trust us to get it right

A regular cleaner with Well Polished not only gives you a sparkling clean home, but it gives you back your time. Leave the household chores to us so you can focus on the things you enjoy.

Whether you're looking for a full house clean, or a more focused service on specific rooms - we will match you with the perfect cleaner for your requirements.

Jasmin W


“Hi Sue, Yes, thank you we are currently happy with Alicia's cleaning. Thank you for checking.”

Lois W


“Natasha has been lovely and friendly and I’m really pleased this will be her 6th week and she has been of a great help to me .”

Portia T


“Noemi is brilliant! Absolutely no complaints at all.”

Jessica B


“We absolutely love our cleaner from Well Polished. They are flexible and have regular follow ups to check in with the service.”

Daniel M


“Well Polished are generally good at being able to provide a cleaner, however, the competency and standard can vary.”



“A very thorough clean and they always follow up with an email to ask how the clean was and if we were satisfied? They are very reliable 😊”

Liandra M


“Well Polished Cleaning are an excellent service that make such a difference to me. All of the cleaners are thorough and do a brilliant and efficient job. They're always very respectful of your home and very friendly. Olivia who manages my account is incredibly helpful and warm, and the service is incredibly responsive. What I really like about Well Polished Cleaning is the flexible way I'm quickly found a cleaner when my regular cleaner has a schedule change . My usual visits are always covered and the service remains just as good. It's great value for money and it's super simple to handle payment. I'd highly recommend them if you're looking to get a cleaner to free up time for yourself and your family, this company facilitates that.”

Carole W


“Very prompt to link me up with reliable cleaner. Once established, communication is usually directly between me and cleaner, but agency is always there in the background in cae of any issues.”

Emma L


“Signed up for this service because it was supposed to take the hassle of out cleaning and it has been anything but. Customer service is shocking & non-responsive, they do very little for the agency fee they charge on top of what the cleaners make (some of whom I have to say are good at what they do) and have tried to charge us for cleaning on bank holidays! We will not be using ever again and would not recommend to others.”

Carole W


“Very efficient and prompt service. Good clarity with charges - ie direct payment to cleaner and separate payment to agency for overheads.”

Gemma D


“Really disappointed to say the least. Decided to use Well Polished to take the hassle out of finding a cleaner and was hopeful at the begginning. Paid my fees upfront to the company as requested and looked forward to a glistening house.... Not what I received. The first week of cleaning, a young lady turned up on time and was actually really pleasant. I had to ask her to wear a mask which was unfortunate, that should be a given at the moment surely.. She got to work, unfortunately, she didn't bring many products with her (not even a duster and had to use ours) that she needed to clean properly (even though I paid extra for her to use her own cleaning materials) so I ended up asking her to use ours and also our hoover as it didn't even look hoovered after she had finished with hers. I had to request very obvious areas to be cleaned that hadn't, items were hoovered around in most rooms and behind doors were even missed. No glass cleaner used so everything smeary. Parts of our house looked dirtier than before the clean and I even hoovered again when she left! Don't get me wrong, she was nice enough but had no real idea of how to clean properly and not worth the £35 I paid for the service. I decided she was not suitable so emailed Well Polished, advised them and Olivia kindly sorted (or so I thought) a new cleaner. 2 weeks later (today), 10am arrives and the old cleaner turns up on my driveway! AWKARD! I told her politely that I was no longer expecting her today and that she should have been told but they had told her nothing...! When she left, I wondered where my new cleaner was? It was passed 10 and no one, so I called the office only to be told by the receptionist that Olivia was not available and would call me urgently. No cleaner, no call... 10.40am arrives and my phone rings from an unknown number, it was the new cleaner telling me that there was a mix up with post codes or something and that she would be another 20 minutes "If thats ok".. Nope, that is certainly not ok so I declined the service. I decide as I had still not heard from the office, to email her. I have asked for a full refund for the agency fees to which, as I expected, they've spouted off about their contracted and told me no refund. I was also told my tone that I took with the cleaner on the phone was unacceptable but I was actually very calm with her considering I was waiting around to find out what on earth was going on. Poor service, poor poor quality and shocking customer service from these guys. DO NOT BOTHER is my personal opinion but if you don't mind wasting money and your Friday morning, go for it.... After reading the reply from them, what a load of nonsense. Didn't raise my voice, I don't like to shout at anyone as it gets you nowhere and as for 1 hour window?? what?? Absolutely shocking from a very defensive company by the looks of it..”

Lou H


“Poor service from management - company have been unresponsive in providing a refund when service cancelled. I have made contact on numerous occasions and not had a response.”

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