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York race course – Family day 2019

by Well Polished York, Mar 2019

There is something special about going ‘The Races’.

No matter what Race course you attend, or the time of year, we all seem to love putting our glad rags on, and pretending for one day only that we are of class and sophistication. We totally kid ourselves that we belong beside the horses wearing ridiculously over priced outfits, and a face full of make up. Until the late afternoon arrives, our blistered feet are too much to bare, so we find ourselves stumbling around with our shoes in our hands, and the magic of elegance is gone in a flash!

OK, so maybe some people do belong beside the horses.

For me, however, I really would love a more relaxed version. No expensive dresses (never to be worn again), No 6am make up appoitments. And best of all, being able to take a coat without it ruining your outfit!

This is why I just love the idea of a Family Race Day. Held at York races every year.

What better way to appreciate these beautiful animals than with your children, dressed in your walking boots and anorak. Th entertainment is aimed at children. I know teaching your kids to bet may seem slightly extreme, but Horse racing is a huge part of our history and I think all children will find it exciting placing their first ever horse race. Just £1 should be sufficient! It’s like a posh version of the arcade!

I definitely will be attending this year, and look forward to a much more relaxed version of the Race days I am used too! Held on Sunday 8th September.