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Ideal Picnic spots in York!

by Well Polished York, Mar 2019

Yay, it’s March, nearly my favourite time of year, Summer!

Although we don’t have the most fantastic weather during Summer time (excluding last year, 2018), I still enjoy all the little things you traditionally do during the Summer months, which would simply not be the same during Winter. Joining friends in beer gardens on Saturday afternoons, enjoying the change in wardrobe when you have forgotten about those new sandals from last year, and of course, the truly wonderful experience of eating alfresco – a PICNIC!

Whether with children, eating funny shaped sandwiches and sausage rolls to a more sophisticated version with pink GIn served in plastic cocktail glasses and olives on the side, lets face it, no matter how old you are, or where you come from, we all love swatting those wasps away from our tasty, sticky, picnics.

Because of this, I have gathered York’s best Hot Spots for enjoying our Summer tradition. All of these have been sampled by yours truly! I settled on these final 5 locations, due to accessibility, local amenities and of course picturesque views!

Homestead Park

Clifton’s answer to Kew Gardens. Homestead Park provides plenty of well-maintained flower gardens, landscaped green areas, and an ornamental pond as an idyllic backdrop for your open air jaunt.  There is also an array of children’s playground equipment to keep the little terrors entertained while you scoff scotch eggs.


There are numerous green areas along the River Ouse in which to lay out your blanket including the grassy stretch by Tower Street or Clifton Ings further along the riverside. Relax and watch the boats cruise by as you Instagram pictures of your cava and strawberries.

York Cemetry

Sounds a bit morbid but York Cemetery is actually a tranquil, nature-lovers paradise. The 24 acres of land are filled with thousands of beautiful monuments and graves amongst the trees and overgrown brambles.

Nestled within the wild flowers and plentiful wildlife is a charming Grade II* listed chapel which is still in use. So if solitude and quiet is what you crave head down to Cemetery Road for a meander round the graveyard and a peaceful picnic.

Museum Gardens

In the summer the Museum Gardens are unquestionably the beating heart of the city. Here you can spot all varieties of local clientele including young families, strolling pensioners, swooning couples and teenagers necking White Lightning.

After your al fresco dining feel free to admire the hospitium, feed seeds to the pigeons and squirrels, peruse the ruins and have a gander in the Yorkshire Museum itself.

Deans park

What better place to lie your stomach and sip on a cooling drink than in the shadow of one of world’s most beautiful cathedrals? Dean’s Park is an oasis in which to take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Conveniently there are always a few adolescents with a guitar or iPod speakers knocking around if you fancy a bit of mood music.

Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park is only a short walk from the city centre, right by the River Ouse. It has recently undergone a £1.8 million refurbishment so alongside the peaceful woodland walk and ornamental lake there are also tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate park, and a children’s play area to keep visitors busy.

If you are too busy to prepare a picnic then never fear as there is also a café onsite. The park often boasts a prolific amount of goose poo, particularly near the lake, so a picnic blanket of some description is a must.