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How to be a Mum hero on the first weekend back to school!

by Well Polished York, Sep 2018

So, the children are back to school this week, all parents breath a sigh of relief! Most of you will stare at your empty home which is literally turned up side down! From piles of laundry up to the ceiling to home made dens hanging off the trees in the back garden, your house feels ransacked from top to bottom.

As the weekend approaches fast again and the whirl wind of the children enter your home, do not stress!

There are a few cheap and exciting ideas to do with the children this weekend, to save your house or bank balance from falling apart entirely!

If you and your children simply can’t endure another home made picnic in the park, then perhaps have a wonder to a few different events going on this weekend local to you! (You never know, you could perhaps guilt Granny to come round and make a start on that laundry!)

  • Lego go go – If you have any Lego mad children, and you can’t bare to see it sprawled all over your living room floor this weekend, then, head down to York University. From 10am-4pm both Saturday and Sunday is York’s annual Lego show, YorBrix. All the models have been built by Lego fans of all ages, and the best part is free admission!
  • Fossil family fun – Personally, I am sold by just the name! I’v never heard of fossil family anything! It turns out Yorkshire Museum has a dinosaur themed activity workshop for children from 11am-1pm on Saturday. There are 5 Dino activities, then children can create collage dino pictures and make a plaster cast fossil to take home! how brilliant is that?! OK, it won’t take you all day but they are sure not to be bored and every child loves to create and take something home. Just £2 per person! LOVE.
  • Walk on the Wild side – For the more delicate of children, this is a beautiful butterfly and flower show from 11am – 1pm on sunday at the Wheatland Community Woodlands, including a wildlife trail for the children! Again this is free admission and most probably something they have not done before!

To be honest, you could probably become a mum hero and attend all of these events, whilst catching up on all the cleaning and laundry, dismantling those garden dens, baking a batch of cookies, plus finishing off Sunday with a home made roast and all the trimmings! Just kidding!

You  could attend all events and do the right thing by acquiring yourself a Well Polished cleaner, she won’t bake a batch of cookies, but she will allow you to carry on being the mum hero you already are!