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How often should we clean our homes?!

by Well Polished York, Aug 2018

We admit there is nothing easy about cleaning, and for those of you who are yet to have a Well Polished cleaner do it for you, then rubber gloves are still your best friends!  So, for all of you long term sufferers  who are trying to keep up with the house work and clean your home with love, we have put together a simple guide to give you an idea of what chores need doing and how often.

We find ourselves more relaxed, happy, and balanced when we are living and working in a clean space. What does it take to keep the home looking beautiful and clean everyday? OK, it may take more than our simple guide, however, this is the minimum you should be aiming for in order to create that peace and harmony within your happy and ‘lived in’ home.

Short-Term (2 days – 1 week):

  • Laundry – Usually once a week is sufficient, depending on if your laundry duty includes more than just your own laundry, ie, bed sheets and towels.

  • Vacuum. If you start seeing small bits of dirt on your carpet or floor, it is time to vacuum. We put vacuuming on the weekly cleaning to-do list. Although, because of pets we work on a 4 day maximum!

  • Dusting. We try to put dusting off for every other week, but really dusting should be a weekly chore. Although, some houses are more dusty than others.

  • Cleaning Sinks. It is always nice to have a water-spot-free and clean sink. Also, by Friday there can be an unattractive toothpaste build up on the sink.

  • Cleaning Toilets. This is our least favorite task and it can be a little less than pleasant. We clean it at least once a week or as needed (no further explanation).

Medium-Term (1 week – 1 month):

  • Clean Windows. We rotate weeks for when we clean the windows. Cleaning windows can get the best of us because it is very hard to get them streak-free. Either way, we can appreciate when the windows are clean and we can see the beautiful view or sunset. Our top cleaners have always stressed to us that vinegar diluted in water is the absolute best for windows or any glass surface, cheap too!

  • Wash Shower/Bathtub. We try to clean the shower every two – three weeks to prevent mildew from growing.

Long-Term (1 month – 6 months):

  • Clean Upholstery. We visited one of our friends the other day and he was getting his sofa upholstery professionally cleaned. The representative recommended upholstery be cleaned every 6-12 months for both hygienic reasons and appearances, depending upon use. Although, I must admit, we tend to strip the couch (similar to bed) and wash the covers in the washing machine! Again, this is mainly due to having dogs!

  • Steam Clean Carpet. It is reasonably priced to rent a steamer to clean the carpet. Unseen dirt and bacteria builds up in carpet and it is important keep it clean, especially if you are prone to allergies.

  • Wash Duvet and Blankets. Routinely we wash our sheets, but our duvet on our bed doesn’t get cleaned. We love going to sleep knowing we won’t be bitten by bed bugs – enough said.

As always this is more of a guide, everyone’s home varies, as well as their standards of cleanliness! However, If you find you are struggling to meet these targets then do not hesitate to contact us for an experienced cleaner, they can do the jobs you hate. You can finally enjoy your sparkly home!