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Our New Supervisor!

by Well Polished Oswestry, Jun 2018

June has been an exciting month so far with many new clients signing up, and more fantastic cleaners joining the team. But the biggest change in the world of Well Polished this month HAS to be the appointment of our new supervisor!

The business is growing rapidly and therefore, we needed some extra help…

Our supervisor role was implemented mainly to enable us to provide a better service to our loyal clients. Unfortunately, there will always be times when your regular cleaner is unavailable due to sickness or holiday, and whilst holiday cover is always arranged in advance, sickness can often mean an hour’s notice!  To prevent these situations from meaning disappointed clients, our supervisor is taking on the role of our ‘relief cleaner’.

As well as this invaluable role, the supervisor will also be helping in recruiting new team members and assisting in the thorough reference checking process we follow.

And who might this supervisor be, I hear you ask!?

As is always the aim, we promoted internally.

Sacha has been a member of our cleaning team for nearly a year now and her feedback has consistently been fantastic. She was an obvious choice for the role!

We hope that the appointment of our new supervisor will help us offer an even BETTER service to our client base and continue to grow the business!