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Easy Ways To Save In 2020: New Year, New Bank Balance

by Well Polished Worthing, Jan 2020

With the expense and exhaustion of December now in the past, you can begin your focus on the new year. Although the weather is still gloomy and unwelcoming down here in the South, it doesn’t mean your savings for 2020 need to follow suit. There are some easy ways to bring in or save a little extra cash.

Martin Lewis shares some great tips in this article. Read in full here:

  1. Switch Banks to get a £150 pay-out
  2. Share a platter at Nandos instead of buying separate meals
  3. Check your PPI to see if you can claim tax back on it
  4. Claim money back if you wear a recognisable uniform to work
  5. check if you are owed any money back for overpaying your council taxes

And has these great and easy tips:

  1. Round up your change through your bank account
  2. Get an interest-free balance transfer credit to help with Christmas debt payoff
  3. Change to a ‘cash-back’ credit card to get something back for your spending
  4. Know when your household bill contracts are coming to and so you don’t miss on switching to a cheaper option
  5. Switch your mortgage to a cheaper interest rate
  6. Buy a travel card for rail or bus
  7. Unlock your phone at the end of your contract and look at switching to a cheaper provider
  8. Sign up to loyalty programs and make sure you use them!
  9. Use a cash-back website
  10. Switch to family subscriptions for things like Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Netflix
  11. Get a reusable coffee cup to get discounts from many high-street coffee shops