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Easy Autumn Colour Pallets To Revamp Your Room Now

by Well Polished Worthing, Sep 2019

Looking for some inspiration this Autumn? The cooler weather and darker colours make us crave cosiness and warmth. This can be brought into any room through a full makeover, or some subtle additions to your styling. How to bring in Autumn colours?

  • Wall art – change up your wall art to reflect the hues of oranges, browns, dark greens, pumpkin, and deep reds
  • Paint a feature wall
  • Swap your cushion covers to the warmer tones
  • Look at lighting to create a warmth with more mellow bulbs and lamps rather than stark over-head lighting in the evenings
  • In bedrooms, change your nice bright summer duvet colours for any of the colours mentioned above. This will also create a flow from one room to another with similar colours appearing throughout

For inspiration, have a look at the below 25 colour pallets and ideas, and happy decorating!