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Pet hair removal!

by Ashleigh James, Apr 2016

It is estimated at 46% of UK households have a pet. And yes of course we love our pets, but along with them comes their malting hair!

A house covered in pet hair can become a nightmare to clean if you don’t know how! Please see below my 3 top tips on removing pet hair from different surfaces in the home:

Tip 1) For Furniture – Dampen one of your rubber gloves a little, and then use it to remove pet hair from furniture. The damp rubber material is like a magnet to hair!

Tip 2) For carpet – Scrape a pumice stone gently along the surface of your carpet. Any hair will gather right up!

Tip 3) For hardwood floors – Instead of sweeping with a flicking motion that can spread pet hair, always vacuum your floor with a hardwood floor attachment or hard flooring setting. This will eliminate most hair!

Why not put these tips to the test or book a Well Polished cleaner so they can do it for you!?

(Picture to the left of my lovely dog Meg taking the lead in Royden Park –  Frankby, Wirral!)