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Modern Mother’s Day 2019

by Ashleigh James, Mar 2019

As you will be aware, Mother’s Day has just been on the 31st of March.

As always, I meet with my Mum and family to celebrate the sheer joy my Mother brings to all of ours lives (and any one lucky enough to meet her!)

I always think of thoughtful gifts I know she will like and take her some where to drink, I mean eat!

I share my Mum with my brother, we also share her with a step sister and step brother. All very confusing! This is the norm for many families in 2019, where people have joined to make up blended families. So many parents, especially Mothers have different roles to play in different lives.

I think all Mum’s should be thanked for the role they play, however big or small. Their presence has such an impact to those around them. And Mother’s day is the time to thank them for their endless efforts to make our lives easier, whether that be your Mum, Nan, Step-mum or so on!