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Clean your bath Toys!

by Ashleigh James, Mar 2019

So, my best friend became a new Mum just 6 weeks ago!

She keeps me updated on the in’s and out’s of Motherhood, the ongoing struggles of a crying baby and the sleepless nights.

Just recently, she has been implementing the ‘Bath and bed’ routine, I believe for most parents this is the best time of the night as quiet time is looming!

Thinking it would be a nice idea, I popped round one evening to show some support and watch her little one splashing joyfully in the bath. He now has an array of assorted bath toys which bob along beside him in his bath each night.

I just couldn’t help but wonder what was lurking within those bath toys?! I can be a little OCD and I definitely think things others don’t, but we all know constant damp and moist breeds mold and bacteria! We also know that babies put things in their mouths.

I asked my friend ‘tactfully’ if she had ever thought to clean them? She replied ‘no’ but would definitely consider it. She asked for advice, which I have chosen to share for anyone else who would like to know how to keep these pesky toys clean!

  1. After each use – squeeze excess water out of squirty toys and leave all the bath toys to dry on a clean towel before storing away until next bath time.
  2. Soak them once a week in a sink of hot soapy water with a couple of cups of white vinegar added. With squirty toys make sure you suck up some of the soapy vinegar solution inside the toy and squeeze out a few times to really clean the inside of the toy too.

But… if you’ve not done this then you need to get scrubbing.

  1. Fill a sink with hot water add a few squirts of washing up liquid and a good squirt of bleach.
  2. Soak all the toys in the cleaning solution for at least an hour!

I hope this helps!