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Christmas Countdown De-Clutter!

by Well Polished Wirral, Nov 2016

Like it or not Christmas is coming! Have you considered a light ‘de-clutter’ to make room for the ‘Christmas G’s’? Yes that’s Guests & Gifts… they need to go somewhere!

If you plan to de-clutter the house over the rest of November you may actually be able to enjoy the festive period once December arrives! Follow the next 3 steps to get your home Guest and Gift ready!

Step 1: De-Clutter the Children’s toys – As always at Christmas, it’s the children who receive the most (and rightly so)! To make room for new gifts sort through the toys and games they already have! Take any unwanted toys to the charity shop, throw broken toys or games with missing parts into a large bin bag and store the toys they are keeping in practical toy boxes!

Step 2: Organise the Guest Bedroom – Even if you don’t have a guest bedroom, organise the room where your guests will be staying! Ensure you have clean bedding ready and washed, clear out any storage boxes or clutter that has found it’s way there over the year. Take a minute to clean out underneath the bed and make sure there is space for luggage!

Step 3: Get your Kitchen in line – More times than not, the kitchen is the heart of the home. The festive season will see you spend a good chunk of time in there; particularly if you’re entertaining guests! Put to one side the crockery and cutlery that you will be using for Christmas time. Consider if you really need to hoard 3 different miss-match crockery sets in the cupboards; discard if you don’t! Clear the work surfaces of clutter, remove anything that isn’t needed and store it away. Make room for food preparation and an area to serve food. Start to compile a list for food shopping, consider the number of guests you are catering for and where you are going to store it all! Clear some space in your fridge and freezer BEFORE you go and do the big shop!