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April Fools??

by Ashleigh James, Apr 2019

I must admit, I am not really an April fools fan. I am the idiot that is so easily fooled, I don’t really question very much. So over the years I have probably fell for a few too many pranks and now consider ‘April Fools’ a day of humiliating the less fortunate of the brain capacity.

So I ask the Question, why do we have April Fools??

I understand Bon Fire Night, I get Halloween and I sing cheerily all the way through December until Christmas. But April Fools?? Why do we have it and what does it mean?  

Basically, I have discovered, that no one knows! There is no proof of the meaning of April Fools. Who is the Fool now?! 

There is a possibility it dates back to 1582, when New Year was celebrated the beginning of April. Until a reformed calendar was ordered and New Year was made to what we now know is the 1st January. So basically, before Mobile phones, TV, Internet etc it would take so long for news to spread. Any one who still celebrated the original April New year was called a fool.

Personally, I think we should drop April fools, and just be happy we have ‘Pinch and a Punch for the first of the Month’. I used to abuse my Brother with that every month! Never gets old.

Any way, I hope you enjoyed April Fools this year!