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The Importance of Ironing Industriously

by Alan and Danielle Higham, Sep 2018

We can all hold our hands up and say we have made a mistake at some point or another with the ironing. It is okay. We are only human and it is in our nature to make mistakes!

However, using this guide, you will never make another mistake with the ironing ever again… probably.

  • Acetate, rayon, silk and wool should all be ironed on a low setting, while polyester will require a medium setting. The toughest textile in town, cotton, is the only fabric that really requires a high setting.
  • Use a damp cloth when ironing lace or wool. These are quite delicate and do not handle direct contact with the iron very well.
  • When ironing rayon, silk, satin, linen or corduroy, turn the item of clothing inside out. Ironing them on the outside can cause these fabrics to look burnt or damaged.
  • Let the iron cool off for 10 minutes before putting it away and never leave an iron facedown. Both of these little mistakes could cause a fire.
  • If you do suffer a burn, treat it very quickly. Run the burn under cold water for around 20 minutes. Never use butter, oil, ice or soy sauce on a burn.
  • If the burn is larger than a small coin, seek medical attention.

There you have it! Follow these simple tips and you’ll go from being a bumbler on the board to an ironing aficionado!