Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of cleaning companies out there, so why choose Well Polished?

We are affordable

Regular weekly cleaning from £11.50 to £14.95 per hour depending on location

No long-term contract

Just one month’s notice if you need to cancel

Insured, reference checked and uniformed cleaners

Giving you peace of mind

Tailored service

You choose what gets done and when

Outstanding customer service

Always there when you need us

We are an established and growing company

You can trust us to get it right

Now that you have decided you need a domestic cleaner, how do you decide which company to use? Will you be able to afford it? How can you be sure you can trust a stranger in your home? Will you be able to choose what gets cleaned and when? What happens if things don’t run smoothly? There are plenty of cleaning companies out there, so why choose Well Polished?

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We are affordable

First of all and most importantly, a domestic cleaner from Well Polished is actually affordable! You will pay less than you might think, and what price is your time worth? Instead of having to spend your free time cleaning, you could be enjoying time with your family or simply doing the things you like best.

No long-term contract

We hope you will stay with us forever, but we understand that circumstances can change so we do not tie you in to a long-term contract. If you do need to cancel we simply require one month’s notice.

Fully insured, reference checked and uniformed cleaners

Rest assured, we are extremely selective when it comes to recruitment. We personally interview and fully reference check all of our cleaners and ensure that you will get a chance to meet them before they start cleaning for you. In addition, all cleaners introduced by Well Polished are insured against any damage to your goods or property.

Your cleaner will arrive at the time which has been arranged, wearing the Well Polished tabard so that you or any relatives can easily identify them. As long as you are happy, this cleaner will continue to clean every week, to give you peace of mind and to ensure your desired routine is clearly established and maintained. Should your regular cleaner be unable to attend, due to holidays or sickness, we will offer you the option of a cover cleaner to maintain the service.

We aim to carefully match our cleaners to our clients to ensure you are receiving the right service for you. Our job is to give you peace of mind and to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the service that you receive. You will always have the option to request a different cleaner, if for some reason the arrangement is not working out for you.

Tailored service

Some companies work from a set criteria and will tell you what your cleaner will complete in 2 hours, in 3 hours and so on. Here at Well Polished, we do things differently!

We offer a tailored service, so you choose what gets done and when. This ranges from choosing the day you would like your cleaner to visit, what time you would like them to arrive and exactly what you would like them to clean whilst they are there. How good is that!

We will provide you with a cleaning schedule for you to carefully plan out the best way for your cleaner to utilise the time available. Nobody knows your home better than you do, and that is why our cleaners use your own products and equipment. This avoids potential cross-contamination between properties and ensures that your preferred products are being used. Our aim is to clean your home just the way you like it!

It doesn’t have to be all about cleaning. We offer a home ironing service too! If you have a pile of ironing that’s built up, why not mix it up a little? Leave out these items, your cleaner will iron them and even put them back away! This flexibility makes the most of the time you are paying for. When did life become so simple?

Outstanding customer service

If you like the sound of Well Polished so far, things are about to get even better! As a National franchise company, we have a network of offices in various locations. You will deal with the local manager, not a call centre! They will be available to contact whenever you may need them.

We are often complimented on our outstanding customer service. This is not a surprise, as your local manager will be familiar with your needs and the cleaner who visits you. They will be able to help facilitate any alternate arrangements you may require from time to time and manage any feedback between yourself and your cleaner, to ensure that the arrangement is always running smoothly. Remember, your local Well Polished manager is just a phone call away.

We are an established and growing company

Formed in 2004, we are highly experienced in providing excellent customer service at the right price. You can most certainly trust us to do it right! We are proud of our professional brand and unique approach. Well Polished is here for one purpose only; we want to put the sparkle back in your life, not just your home!

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What our clients are saying...

“A great company with personal service and a real commitment to meet your requirements. ” Andrea, Ashton Under Lyne
“I am happy to recommend Ola to any potential new clients. She is a very friendly, thorough and efficient cleaner- she cleans to a very high standard. Ola is happy to work around you if you are at home but is also extremely trustworthy and we are happy for her to have a key to our house.” Rowena, Bishops Stortford
“Both cleaners who have been to the bar have been extremely efficient and pleasant to work with. Thanks Janine, we really appreciate the effort you put in to providing us with an excellent cleaning service at such short notice.” Liquor & Co, Chester
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