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Whitchurch Waterway Country Park

by Emma Whitchurch, Aug 2018

Whitchurch Waterway Country Park is a green ribbon of quiet, open space including grassy areas, wetland, woodland and the Staggs Brook stretches from Jubilee Park to The canal spur at Chemistry and is a haven for wildlife. The country park includes Greenfields Nature Reserve which is managed by Shropshire Wildlife Trust and is ideal for a quiet wildlife walk on hard level paths.

The area has a range of valuable wildlife.  Look out for cuckoo flower on the wetter areas and for water voles escaping into the stream. This is one of the few places in Shropshire where you may still see this nationally rare mammal, which was once common throughout the country.

Walk out from Whitchurch town centre along this green carpet to the Shropshire Union canal and the open countryside. Take an evening stroll and enjoy the peace and quiet of this wildlife haven.

If you are visiting Whitchurch by canal boat this is an excellent way to stroll into the town centre.