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Top 10 Facts about September!

by Emma Whitchurch, Aug 2018

September is approaching – IT’S TOMORROW! Yes, we all know symbolises the beginning of the end in regards to Summer… but what else is this month famous for?! Here’s some fun facts for you:

1. September is the ninth month and has nine letters in its name. It is the only month with the same number of letters in its English name as the number of the month.

2. For the Ancient Romans, it was the seventh month of the calendar which is why it is named after the Latin for “seven”, septem.

3. The shortest month in the UK was September 1752 which lost 11 days in the change from Julian to Gregorian calendar.

4. The September birthstone is sapphire; the flowers are Morning Glory, forget-me-not or aster.

5. According to Mary Berry, September is the perfect month to make your Christmas cake!

6. The only US president born in September was William Taft (born September 15, 1857).

7. Only one UK prime minister died in September: Arthur Wellesley (died September 14, 1852)

8. September is the month when thunderstorms are most frequent in the UK.

9. September is the month when the Arctic Ocean is most free from ice.

10. In the UK, September 26 is the most common birthday for people born in the last 20 years!