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COVID:19 Cleans

by Well Polished West Bromwich, Mar 2020

The Coronavirus has taken hold of the whole World and everyone is equally as concerned in these uncertain times. As a company, we’ve been working hard with our team to support our existing clients with precautionary cleans to help stop the spread. We are now offering our COVID-19 precautionary cleans as a stand alone service.

These cleans are designed to effectively improve the cleanliness level of your home or offices, with a distinct focus on disinfecting surfaces that are regularly touched but not regularly cleaned.

For the home this includes obvious areas such as work surfaces, banister rails, door handles, light switches but also less obvious items such as kettle handles, cupboard knobs, laundry baskets and appliance controls.

Similarly, for the office, all of the above plus desk surfaces and drawer handles, filing cabinet handles and telephone handsets.

Your booking can be for any duration as a one-off service between 2 and 10 hours (or more!), depending on the size of the property you require cleaning and the requirements within.

However, to maintain these preventative measures, you may want to engage a regular clean of this nature throughout the duration of the outbreak. Reduced rates are available for a weekly or daily service.

All our cleaners are aware of the necessary steps to help stop the spread and to keep themselves and you, as a client, safe. Should you have any particular concerns or requirements, we would be happy to discuss further

What we can offer is a complete ‘blitz’ of your home or office as a precautionary measure to help stop the spread and give you the peace of mind that we all need in this current climate.

Give us a call or click and send us an enquiry to get your precautionary COVID:19 cleaning booked in as soon as possible.