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Lockdown. Going Crazy & Missing My Cleaner!

by Emma Harrop, Apr 2020

So it’s jam packed in your house right now, it’s lockdown and times are crazy! There’s no space that you can call your own, everyone is on top of one another whether that might be your toddler dangling off your cardigan, or your hairy teenager asking you what he can eat next? Your mind is blown!

You’re trying your best to home-school the kids, do your (now work from home) job, decide what’s for dinner and you wonder how to use the steam cleaner that your currently absent domestic goddess cleaner usually uses, leaving a perfectly smooth shine on your (what was once) beautiful, gleaming, tiled floor.

Instead the floor is now sporting toast crumbs, onion peelings from last night’s spag bol, coffee splodges from a week ago and the odd crisp. Sad times!

The cupboards are bare, you have attempted a home delivery – nothing available not even a click & collect! Stressful times, as the shopping isn’t just for you and your family, it’s also for your older relatives and possibly neighbours.

Jokes aside, this is the most worrying, grimmest time – ever! Covid has wiped out life as we once knew it!

The house is a mess, you don’t know where anything is, the washing basket is overflowing. Ironing – what’s that?! The hoover is clogged up, it’s spitting out all kinds of gross stuff and you’re protesting because you refuse to clean the bathroom – again!!! And if you have to pick up ONE MORE wet towel you are seriously going to lose your s**t!

You just want to get back to normal (whatever that might be!) go to work, go to the gym, get the kids back to school, eat out, meet friends for coffee (and hug them!) and wait for your wonderful Well Polished cleaner to come back.

Well we want you to know that we miss you too!

And don’t worry about the cleaning, we’ll catch up with that when this crazy mess is over!

Take a breath, it’s all going to be okay – just focus on staying safe and well.

We can’t wait to see you again either.

We feel we will have some catching up to do!

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