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Half Term & Work-Life

by Emma Harrop, Feb 2018

Wow 2018 half term is upon us! That came around quickly, didn’t it?!

What will you be planning for your family? Local activities? Day trips? Or are you lucky enough to be jetting off?

Working on a self employed basis, the Well Polished team benefits from the beauty of a completely flexible approach to their work, so with a little bit of notice and schedule planning, they can plan their workload around their family commitments. We know the importance of work-life balance!

As we have a strong team of cleaners available, we are able to cover the holiday period so that our client’s cleaning always gets done and our clients are never let down – the beauty of having your cleaning done via the Well Polished arrangement means that you simply never have to worry about an absent cleaner!

Clearly a win-win; happy cleaners, happy clients! We like to look after everyone.