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An Act of Kindness

by Kimberley Benn, Dec 2018

Over 400 gifts have been sent to elderly patients in hospital for this Christmas. Sarah Swift held an appeal for only 200 to be sent, and was overwhelmed by the response she received.

She stated, “My dream has become a huge reality”.

Around half a million elderly will be spending Christmas alone this year, and Sarah wanted to raise awareness about this troubling statistic.

She has been working at this since November, collecting the donations that will be given to patients in Pinderfields, Ponterfact and Dewsbury hospital who do not expect to have any visitors.

“Christmas can be a very lonely time, so my mission is to put a smile on their faces”, said Sarah.

Sarah clearly feels very passionately about her cause and has a lot of kindness in her heart. We couldn’t be more thrilled at her success. Keep up the good work, Sarah!