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Top 3 Things Weston-super-Mare has to offer:

by Sue Johns, Apr 2019

The Weston Sand Sculpture Festival

This famous festival takes place from Good Friday until the end of September every year and is one of the most highly anticipated events in Weston-super-Mare. With the palpable atmosphere, talented artists and beautiful sculptures, you’d be mad to miss out! Each year has a different theme, with this years being “what if”, where all wacky and wonderful ideas are exhibited in a variety of sculptures.

The Helicopter Museum

One of Weston-super-Mare’s biggest claims to fame is that they are home to the largest dedicated Rotary collection in the world! There are over 80 choppers in this magnificent museum, from veterans of Vietnam, to WWII’s survivors, and even the G-LYNX, which holds the record for the fastest recorded speed of any helicopter (400km/h). Theres even an interactive zone and a play-copter, which the kids are sure to enjoy!

Weston Museum

If you want more of a general museum, then look no further than Weston-super-Mare’s history museum. Chronicling the history, trials and tribulations of the famous seaside town, the museum is a must see. Beginning with the prehistoric and finishing in the present day, the breadth of the time covered here is certainly impressive.