The First Trainees of 2019

by Janine, Jan 2019

This week, we’ve completed our first training session of 2019 with THREE new territories ready to launch.

Sarita, who is raring to go with our Rugby & Hinckley franchise, alongside Wayne & Alex, who are the proud owners of WP Merthyr Tydfil and Jo & Darren who are taking on the Colchester territory breezed though their three day training programme this week.

Joining them was Libby who alongside her husband Etienne will be launching Well Polished Harrow this month. Etienne came on training in November last year but due to childcare issues, Libby couldn’t attend at the same time.

We have no doubt that all our new franchisees will enjoy roaring success with their businesses and we look forward to watching their progression over next 12 months and beyond!