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Summer Holidays Pending

by Carla Ditzel, Jul 2019

When we think about the school Summer holidays we imagine families playing on a white sandy beach.  Hearing the laughter of the children enjoying days out with their parents, the amazing smell of BBQ’s and Piz Buin Factor 50.  Typically, we imagine all the best bits of a Thomas Cook TV advert – couples in love and parents relaxing and chilling with their offspring.  Everyone having a great time.

It seems pretty unfair that kids get more time off than grown-ups and also need looking after during their ‘holiday’.  While kids are excited about the delicious promise of six weeks without any school, parents feel quite the opposite.  In reality we face many challenges – Who will look after the children?  Will I be able to get that time off my boss promised me?  How can my parents cope with additional childcare hours?

The kids will get cranky if they’re not busy, and the cost of cinema trips and dining out with the little ones in tow is just extortionate. 

It’s easy to panic and feel like you need to fill every one of your child’s waking hours with scheduled activities and lessons, however, it’s really not necessary.  Take a picnic to the park, or have one in the garden.  Get the paddling pool out (weather permitting).  Arrange coffee/play dates with friends who also have children.  Have a day in their garden in exchange for a day in yours.  Raining?  Take advantage of your Netflix account!

Your house and garden will inevitably resemble a creche.  Teach the kids to tidy up after themselves.  Set a rule for toys – one gets put away before another one comes out.

Tidying up is one thing, but cleaning is another.  Sticky finger prints on the patio doors and spillages on the floor.  A layer of dust settling on every surface (DAILY).  Arrrggghhh….

That’s where we come in.  A couple of hours per week can make all the difference.  Do a little bit as you go along and get a cleaner in once a week to blitz the place.  It’s a nice feeling and works wonders for the soul.  Clean house, clean mind!