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Speedy Cleaning Tips- Be a Whizz around the House

by Jackie Macdonald, Nov 2017

Cleaning for most of us is a chore…and if we do get the time to whizz around the house with a duster in one hand and a hoover in the other, you want to have the house spotless as quickly as possible. Thanks to, I can share with you the many ways you are slowing yourself down when cleaning. So don’t delay yourself when cleaning as your time is precious, and by that I mean your favorite television show will be on soon, so speed up!

1.Don’t Clean your Windows on a Sunny Day

Although the sun may be an invigorating and motivational for your to pick up the cloths, it may be best to leave it till the colder days. Heat can cause the product you have used to dry before you have the chance to wash it away from the windows, leading to streaks, and nobody wants to wash their windows twice.

2.To Rid the Pet hair you use a Lint Roller

Whilst they are handy for a quick brush down of your jacket, they are not really suited for heavy jobs such as sofas (which undeniably seems to be a dogs favourite spot!) To quickly reduce a large amount of pet hair a damp rubber glove does the trick effectively.

3.Shoes Remain at the Door
As we are now entering the cold Winter months, a lot of mud and dirt can be walked through the house from shoes which builds up overtime. So to save yourself from mopping the grubby floors or cleaning the carpets, enforce a shoe-less rule in your household. If you want to go full out, get a second doormat, this will really stop stubborn mud from reaching your cream carpets.

4.Wipes need Cleaning too
If your wipes and cloths are dirty from your last clean and your vacuum cleaner is full they won’t pick up or remove dirt. Replacing, emptying or washing your cleaning tools will make your cleaning effective so you won’t be wasting time rubbing dirt on dirt.

I hope these speedy cleaning tips come in use, but if you don’t feel like grabbing for the spray of Viakal, the Well-Polished cleaners are always here to offer our services.