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It’s Spring Time!

by Julie Kempson, Mar 2019

It’s the beginning of March and at Well Polished Crawley we are so happy to be moving into the season of Spring.  Thank goodness!  We can finally leave winter behind and start to look forward to shorter nights and warmer days.

Whilst Spring does not officially start until 21st March, we can still begin to enjoy the sprouting of new leaves on the trees and bushes that lost them over the winter months, daffodils blooming and lambs frolicking in the fields.

Our Spring time consists of the months of March, April and May here in the UK, whilst down under their Spring time is September, October and November!

During this season, it is a traditional time to have a spring clean of your home.  It finds its tradition from the days when home were heated by open fire places, and different methods were used to stop the heat escaping.  When Spring arrived, the warmer weather was a good opportunity to throw open the windows and air the house of the soot that had accumulated during the winter months!

Nowadays of course, we don’t have to worry so much about open fires, but after a long damp winter, a spring clean can help give your home a total refresh, not only reviving your living space but also reviving your spirits!

Find out more about our Spring Cleaning Service and revive your home and your spirit.   Contact us at Well Polished Crawley for more details.

Happy Spring time.