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Cleaner Spotlight – Nadia

by Well Polished London (North), Jun 2020

Meet the Well Polished North London Cleaners

Well Polished – Hi Nadia. How are you?
Nadia – Well thanks.
WP – So, how long have you worked with Well Polished?
N – About 6 months.
WP – Where is your favourite place to be in London?
N – North London, especially Camden.
WP – And what’s your favourite thing to do in your free time?
N – I’m really boring! I love reading books, Manga Comics and writing.
WP – That’s not boring! I was an English teacher in a former life, so those sound like great ways to feed your soul and creativity.
So … tell us something interesting about yourself.
N – I have a publishing deal.
WP – Wow! That’s amazing!
What do you like about working with Well Polished?
N – I LOVE working with Laura & Kristina [Nadia works for both North London and Enfield & Barnet Franchises]. They are both just amazing and kind people. [Promise we didn’t pay her to say that 😉] I love meeting new people too and seeing the difference our job makes to them. I just like making people happy really.
WP – Thank you! From conversations we’ve had, I’m sure you bring a bit of sunshine wherever you go. So, what are your relationships like with your clients?
N – Really good. I’ve got lovely, kind and fun clients.
WP – How would you describe your cleaning motto?
N – Clean a client’s home as well as I clean my own!
WP – Great motto! We love a cleaner with a thorough and enthusiastic approach.
N – Thanks.
WP – What’s your top tip for cleaning?
N – If I go to a client’s house and their kettle is thick with limescale, I add some vinegar to the kettle and leave it to soak. Once I’ve cleaned the kitchen, I give it a rinse and it’s as good as new. Although you must boil the kettle, empty and refill too or they may taste the vinegar!
It’s only a small thing to do, but clients are usually really happy.
WP – I’m sure they are. Thanks for those extra little touches. That’s what we’re all about at Well Polished.
So, what are your ‘must have’ cleaning products?
N – I’m a sucker for good cloths and Dettol.
WP – Ha, Ha! Thanks so much for chatting with me Nadia. It’s a joy to work with someone as positive and helpful.