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Calling all Spider despisers!

by Well Polished York, Sep 2018

Ok, so we all love Summer, especially this year has seen us all spoilt by day after day of glorious sunshine, endless evenings in the garden and the cheapest sun tan we ever had!

We are not the only ones loving summer, many animals and insects all love summer too. However, as the nights draw in and the days get cooler, we naturally retreat to the indoors, followed by lots of little creatures also trying to escape the approaching cold, one of these creatures are our much despised 8 legged friends! SPIDERS!

Even though we are told time and time again, ‘spiders are harmless, they keep the flies at bay’ etc, we just can’t bring ourselves to live with them. For me, it’s the way they move, any creature that moves so discreet but fast surely has come form the pits of hell and has only one mission which is to cocoon me in his web while I sleep. OK, I know I’m being dramatic, but I know I am not alone with this thought!

Therefore, I thought I would help all you fellow ‘Spider despises’ out by sharing with you my top tips on how to keep these pesky monsters at bay! Please bare in mind stamping on a spider or harming any creature no matter how much they make your skin crawl is not acceptable! These tips are friendly ones!! No rolled up newspapers here!


  • Peppermint oil – add 15-20 drops of peppermint oil to a spray bottle full of water and spritz around the house! Windowsill’s, doors and skirting boards are areas to focus on. Other options include cinnamon or lavender oil. Why not mix it up and spray a new smell each week?! A much cheaper option than Febreeze!
  • Vinegar. If the essential oils don’t seem to work, try spraying 1/2 water and 1/2 vinegar around the same areas. Its a little harsher so be careful to avoid varnished furniture as it can harm the appearance.
  • Declutter, tidy and clean. Spiders like to have places to hide, so keeping your house neat and tidy through regular cleaning will prevent this. Dusting and hoovering will rid any unwanted webs. For storage- use plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes, they are harder for spiders to get in!

There is also a myth that Spiders dislike conkers! although, there has not been any proof of this. So, I perhaps wouldn’t suggest you leaving piles of conkers and chestnuts around the home!