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4 Places of Interest to visit in Newcastle

by Lisa Salisbury, Aug 2018

From Gazza to Greggs, from the Steam Turbine to Shearer, Newcastle has set many great things free into the world. With all of this exporting, one would be forgiven for wondering what the Toon actually still has within its borders. Here are 4 places of interest in Newcastle we highly recommend you visit:

The Angel of the North

Completed in 1998, the Angel of the North is a contemporary sculpture designed by Antony Gormley. It is said its main purpose is to signify the coal miners who worked underneath where it is constructed. It is also meant to tackle the concept of the transition from the industrial to the information age.

Tyne Bridge

At 389 meters long and 59 meters tall, the Tyne Bridge really is something to behold. Construction was finished around 90 years ago, linking Newcastle to Gateshead. Plans to repaint the bridge have been approved by the council. It will take three years and cost around £15.6 million.

Great North Museum

The natural history and art museum is made up of three venues: the Great North Museum: Hancock, the Hatton Gallery and the Regional Resource Musuem. In 2006, the museum had about 640,000 visitors; the year in which the queen officially opened it.

Greys Monument

The near 200-year-old monument was built in homage to Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. During World War II in 1941, a bolt of lighting struck off the head of the statue. However, in 1947, Roger Hedley created a new head based off of fragments of the old one.