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Pet Hair Removal Tips

by Linda Dobson, Sep 2018

It is estimated that 46% of the UK house holds have a pet. Yes, we love our fury friends, although their malting hair is a constant challenge!

Ask our cleaners just how annoying stubborn pet hair can become. Please see below, my top 3 ways to remove pet hair from different surfaces around the home.

Tip 1 – For furniture

Dampen one of your  rubber gloves and use it to remove pet hair from your furniture. The rubber acts like a magnet!

Tip 2 – For carpet

Scrape a pumice stone gently along the surface of your carpet. Any hair will gather right up!

Tip 3 – For leather and wood surfaces

A micro fiber cloth is always best, hair will be removed in just one swipe!

The best tip of all would be to always keep your hoover emptied. This way you have a fighting chance with all that pesky hair!