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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Nov 2016

If you’re anything like us, you may have started to come around to the idea that it’s quality over quantity when it comes to clothes. Gone are the days where weekend plans would mean a new outfit; now it’s all about finding those pieces that will go with anything for any occasion.

Given that the temperature has just plummeted here in the UK, it’s certainly time to get those winter clothes out. These 29 items are thought to be all you need to get you through the cold, dark winter months, with a staggering 34 outfit possibilities!

  1. Classic trench coat
  2. Wool coat
  3. Blazer
  4. Leather jacket
  5. Denim jacket
  6. White t-shirt
  7. Chambray shirt
  8. Silk shirt
  9. Breton stripe top
  10. Silk cami
  11. Fitted cardigan
  12. Cable-knit sweater
  13. Turtleneck sweater
  14. Pencil skirt
  15. Full skirt
  16. Blue jeans
  17. Black trousers
  18. Sundress
  19. Black dress
  20. Nude heels
  21. Black heels
  22. Shoe boots
  23. Tall boots
  24. Casual boots
  25. Fun flats
  26. Shoulder bag
  27. Evening bag
  28. Satchel bag
  29. Classic sunglasses

We’ve also compiled a list of some of our favourite capsule wardrobes that we’ve seen:

Have you managed to whittle your wardrobe down to a capsule wardrobe? Or are you interested in having a go? Let us know if you have any tips!