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by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Apr 2017

Our #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter has officially been completed! Don’t you feel so much better for having a clutter-free home?

We wanted to do a round-up post for anyone who was late to the party, or wants to catch up on what they missed!

Let us know if you enjoyed this series!

Day 1 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – TUPPERWARE! 
Everyone has that cupboard full of Tupperware, odd lids and old containers that have seen better days. Go through yours today and make sure you only have matching sets. It will make your life much easier to know that any Tupperware that you pull out the cupboard is a full set – meal prep goals!

Day 2 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – NOTICEBOARDS!
Do you have a noticeboard in your home that used to be the home for all important information but has been taken over by takeaway menus and junk?! Today’s the day to take back control! Go through your noticeboard, remove anything that doesn’t help you in your day-to-day life and bin it. The clutter-free noticeboard will bring feelings of calm and control back to your life 

Day 3 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – UNDER THE SINK
We’ll take a guess and say that 99% of you couldn’t name every item that lives under your sink. Time to go through them, check what’s needed and throw out the rest. All we ask is that you don’t throw away the cleaning products that your Well Polished cleaner might need! 

Day 4 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – MAGAZINES 
If you’re like us, you’ll be subscribed to some magazines that are so great that you can’t bring yourself to throw them out after you’ve read them, *just in case* someone else wants to read them later 🙄
Time to be tough! Make a rule that you won’t keep any magazines that you’ve read except the latest one. Keep them handy for guests/Pinterest-worthy coffee tables!

Day 5 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – BATHROOM CABINETS 
How many half-used shampoo bottles do you really need to keep in your bathroom cabinet?! Have a look at what’s there. You could make your own travel sets by filling up the plastic travel size bottles with those half-used products from the bathroom cabinets. Saving money and decluttering = win / win!

Day 6 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – BEDSIDE TABLES
Do you use your bedside table as the “man drawer” by keeping all the odds’n’sods in there? Clear out your bedside table so it only has the important things designed to help you sleep 

Day 7 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – DVDs
Time to sort through those mountains of DVDs to make sure you only have the classics and your favourites in there. If you want to earn a bit of extra cash, take them to a car boot sale!

Day 8 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – HALLWAY
Has your hallway turned into a dumping ground for everything that you bring in from outside, or decide you don’t need at the last minute? Today’s your chance to get it back under control with only the essential items being allowed to stay!

Day 9 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – DESK DRAWER
This one you can even take to work with you! Go through your desk drawers, decide what needs to stay, what can be filed away and what can go! A tidy desk = a tidy mind.

Day 10 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – MAIL PILE
Does the size of your mail pile put the Royal Mail to shame?! Throw away those unwanted leaflets, file paperwork you have to keep, and make a call on everything else. Your mail pile should only be for new mail – any items that need actioning should have their own home.

Day 11 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – FRIDGE
This is a biggie! Who has ever looked in their fridge and realise they’ve had a jar of pesto that’s been there since the days of the Spice Girls?! Throw away anything that is past it’s use by date, or anything that you know you won’t use. It will actually be easier for you to decide what to have for dinner when you can see what you have!

Day 12 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – FREEZER
I think you all saw this one coming, right? Time to tackle the freezer, which probably has more forgotten food than your fridge!

Day 13 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – LINEN CUPBOARD
Time to throw away all those odd pillowcases, old duvet covers and flat sheets – who can even make the bed with a flat sheet?! 🙈 Make sure you’ve just got matching sets that you’d be happy for the Queen to use.
Better yet, check out our #TipTuesday blog post on how to store bed sheet sets in the cupboard for maximum efficiency!

Day 14 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – TOWEL CUPBOARD
Is there more chance that your airing cupboard leads to Narnia than finding a clean towel?! Today’s the day to clear out those towels that are past their best, making room only for the softest and fluffiest to stay!

Day 15 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – JUNK DRAWER
We can’t help but think this is mostly aimed at you men! Every home has a junk drawer, but now it’s time to make sure it only has the junk that you want and need. We’ll give you a hint – you don’t need old batteries, foreign currency that is no longer in use or keys for your old homes!

Day 16 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – MEDICINES
The last thing you want when you’re feeling under the weather is to have to check that the medicine you’re taking is in date and not going to make you worse! So have a look through your medicine drawers and cupboards and check for dates. Make sure to include any first aid boxes you may have.

Day 17 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – UNDER THE STAIRS
Some homes are worse than others at this – some are a handy home for the hoover, and some have a room fit for Harry Potter. Whatever yours is used for, take some time today to make sure everything there is needed and that there isn’t a better home for it.

Day 18 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – PAPERWORK
This could be a whole month on its own! Everyone’s guilty of that paperwork pile that gets left until it’s overwhelming but now’s the chance to tame the beast once and for all. Throw out any paperwork that isn’t needed, create a filing system for everything that is. If you can get into the habit of sorting your paperwork out on the day you receive it, you’ll never have to face the dreaded pile again!

Day 19 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – FOOD CUPBOARDS
Chances are every home has a tin of bins in that’s been there since before the Millennium. Throw out anything that is past it’s Use By date, and donate anything that won’t be used but is within date. A decluttered home and a good deed all in one!

Day 20 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – KITCHEN COUNTER
Has your kitchen counter been lost to everything that has a home, but is too much effort to put away?! It doesn’t count as tidy if everything is in piles!
The only things that should be on your kitchen counters are the things that you actually need there for use in the kitchen – think tea and coffee jars, not every spare battery you can find.

Day 21 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – KITCHEN UTENSILS
Staying in the kitchen, today is all about your kitchen utensils. Do you have 100 wooden spoons in the cupboard, or utensils that you’re not even sure what they’re used for?! Time to clear them out!

Day 22 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – UNDER THE BED
Time to get rid of the monsters that live under your bed! As you go through each item under there, ask yourself if it actually needs to be kept there or if there is a more suitable home for it. A bit of effort in rearranging will save bundles of time later in efficiency and less stress!

Day 23 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – CRAFT CUPBOARD
This is for all you crafty people! Has your craft cupboard got out of control, is it bursting at the seams? As tempting as it is to keep everything – just in case you need it one day! – be ruthless and get rid of everything that you know you won’t ever use. It could even be donated to get extra good deed points!

Day 24 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – CUPS AND GLASSES
This is a big one! How many pint glasses do you have in your cupboard from various different pubs?! 🙈 Throw away any that are chipped, dishwasher stained or just past their best. Imagine how Martha Stewart you’ll feel if all your cups and glasses are matching! 

Day 25 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – DRINK BOTTLES
Not only important for the mission, but for your health! There’s only so long that you should reuse the same bottle – and ask yourself when was the last time you gave it a proper clean! – so time to get rid of those oldies. It’s also a good time to make sure they all have the right lids so you can just grab one and go when you’re in a hurry.

Day 26 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – TOY CUPBOARD
Listen up parents! If Santa has been very generous to your little angels over the years and your home now has more toys than the North Pole, now is your chance! Donate any that your children have grown out of or that just aren’t used. Less clutter for you and happiness for another child!

Day 27 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – WARDROBE
This is a biggie! Time to hit that wardrobe. Be ruthless – anything that doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit you should go immediately. Then go through anything that you don’t wear often. If you can’t remember the last time you wore it, it needs to go! A brilliant tip is to turn the handles of your coat hangers round so the hook is facing you. Once you’ve worn it, put the coat hanger back with the hook facing away from you. In 6 months, get rid of anything with the coat hangers still the wrong way round!
Why not host a swap party with your friends? Get the girls over, tell everyone to bring a bag of clothes they don’t wear (in good condition) and get swapping! Something you don’t wear might be a favourite for someone else!
Don’t forget to donate anything that is in good condition!

Day 28 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – MAKE UP
Another big one for your health! Make up should only be kept for so long. Check out our #TipTuesday post on how long each item should be kept for!

Day 29 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – HANDBAG
Again one for us ladies! Time to get rid of all the junk at the bottom of your handbag. Do you really need the receipts for every item you’ve bought in the last six months?! Not only will this make you feel more organised, it will help your shoulder from not having to carry such a heavy bag all the time!

Day 30 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – BOOKSHELVES
Have you got enough books to rival the New York Public Library?! 📚 This will be tough on any bookworms out there, but there’s got to be some you can donate. Just think of it as freeing up room for new ones!

Day 31 of #WellPolishedMissionDeclutter – WINDOWSILLS
Now that the rest of your home is officially decluttered, it’s time to get those windowsills up to scratch! Nothing should be on your windowsill unless it’s part of the decor – think plants, ornaments and photo frames. This will go a long way to making the rest of your house look clutter-free!