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Tip Tuesday – the Christmas series!

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Nov 2016

We’ve decided to bring you a Christmas series of Tip Tuesday as we here at Well Polished Tunbridge Wells are very into the festive spirit!

The first in the series is how to wrap your presents like a pro.

Select your wrapping paper.

Block colour or graphic print wrapping paper look most like a designer’s choice. You can even use brown paper for a very inexpensive but easy way to make your presents look VIP.

Make sure you coordinate the colour of your wrapping paper to your tree.

Wrapping the present.

Make sure you have removed all price tags.

To make it easier to wrap, put presents in a sturdy box that is taped shut. If you have one, put the gift receipt in the box with the present.

Start by placing the box upside down on top of your wrapping paper.  One edge of the wrapping paper should be folded over the side of the box so it is only about 2 inches on top of the box.

Tape that 2 inch section in several placed directly to the box using sellotape.

Fold the other side of the wrapping paper around the box so it overhangs the side by about 1 inch and cut it from the roll.

Go back and crease all of the corners of the wrapping paper at the corners of the box.

Fold over the end so it meets the corner of the box perfectly.

Tape the end of the wrapping paper to the edge of the box using double sided tape.

To finish the sides of the box, fold in each side and tape it to the box, then fold down each top and tape each end.

Cut excess wrapping paper if it is too long.

Adding the finishing touches.

To add a ribbon around your present, turn the box upside down with the ribbon underneath.

Pull each side of the ribbon up and twist it in the middle of the bottom.

Turn the gift right side up and tuck each end of the ribbon underneath the center ribbon and tie it in a knot.

Apply your bow or accessories to the center of the ribbons.


Thanks to Interior Design Info for the guide!