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Tip Tuesday – stain removal

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Oct 2016

There’s nothing worse than putting on your favourite top to realise that it has a stain on, despite having just come out of the washing machine! Here are the best ways to get rid of some of the most common stains:

If you have a grass stain – use vinegar

If you have a red wine stain – use white wine

If you have a grease stain – use soda

If you have a blood stain – use hydrogen peroxide 

If you have an oil stain – use white chalk

If you have a coffee stain – use baking soda

If you have a deodorant stain – use denim

If you have a sweat stain – use lemon juice

If you have a lipstick stain – use baby wipes

If you have an ink stain – use milk

If you have a make-up stain – use shaving cream


Let us know if you have any miracle fixes of your own!