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Tip Tuesday – Moving Tips

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Jun 2017

Anyone who has ever moved house can testify to how stressful it is! It’s usually a miracle if you arrive in your new home with all your belongings in one piece, with all members of the family still talking to each other!

Use these moving tips to help you keep your sanity!

  • Write the destination of each box on the side, not the top! Boxes will be stacked so you won’t be able to see what’s written on the top
  • Create a list of what’s in each box. You can either do this on the side of the box, or if you’re super-organised like us, you could number each box and keep a spreadsheet of what’s inside each one! Very handy for when you’re looking for the Tupperware for school lunches
  • Label small pieces of furniture to help the moving company know where it needs to go
  • Use Styrofoam plates to help you pack your plates so that they arrive in one piece
  • Use coloured stickers to label boxes for each room so the movers can easily and quickly see where each box needs to go
  • Moving is always a great time to declutter so make sure you clear out any unwanted items and take them to a boot fair or donate them for added good karma for moving!
  • Reinforce glass mirrors with a couple of strips of painters tape
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and big boxes for light, bulky things
  • Take pictures of the back of your computers, TVs, internet routers etc. It will be much easier to reconnect everything if you can see where the wires go!
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to pack everything immediately once you have a moving date. Set a goal of packing one box from each room per day, starting with the items that you don’t use regularly
  • Designate one wall or large space as your ‘box area’. Once the boxes are packed, put them in the box area, with the heavier boxes at the bottom
  • Empty the fluid out of your tools, like lawnmowers, and bases for patio furniture to make them easier to move
  • Clean socks are perfect packing material for glasses