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Tip Tuesday – Make Your New House Feel Like Home

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Jul 2017

Following on from last week’s post with our best tried-and-tested moving tips, this week we’ve got 11 ways to make your new house feel like home in the first week.

Moving house is usually a stressful experience and it’s always sad to be leaving all those memories behind, but think of all the new memories you are going to make in your new home!

  1. Clean the windows. It will make the rooms feel brighter and more homely with natural light flooding in.
  2. The obligatory first-night takeaway! No one wants to cook on the first night, and it doesn’t matter how organised you are, you’ll never find the pans anyway. So treat yourself and try out the local takeaway. You could even make it your mission to find the best of each cuisine in your new local area.
  3. Hang your favourite pictures on any leftover hooks. Chances are, the previous residents left hooks and nails up from where their photos were. Even if they won’t be there long-term, hang up your favourites for a guaranteed smile every time you see them.
  4. Give the whole house a spring clean, or better yet, call us to have it done for you!
  5. Invite friends and family round! Even if there’s nowhere to sit and you’re drinking out of plastic cups, get them over. It will instantly feel like home and there’s no better time to start creating those new memories. Better yet, invite them round for an unpacking or decorating party!
  6. Start making notes of what you want to do in each room. This is the first and last time that you’ll see the room without all your belongings in it, so it’s the ideal time to see it as a blank canvas. It will also make you so excited to start putting your stamp on it.
  7. Replace old curtains or blinds with something new. You wouldn’t believe the difference a fresh set can have on a room, making it instantly brighter. You can get inexpensive curtains online and that means you can change them out once you decide on a colour scheme or when the seasons start to change.
  8. Explore your local area. Get your bearings. Find out where the essentials are – think: pubs, restaurants, shops. You don’t want to run out of milk only to realise you’re not sure where the nearest corner shop is!
  9. Meet the neighbours. It’s important to have someone local who you know, especially in case of emergencies. What if you need someone to sign for an important parcel?!
  10. Have a long soak in the bath. Light some candles, splash out on a bath bomb and feel the stress of moving wash away.
  11. Have a lazy weekend. Moving is stressful and don’t stress yourself out more by trying to unpack everything immediately. Allow yourself time to settle in to your new house, make it feel like home. Stay in your PJs, give yourself the day off from unpacking and just chill.