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Tip Tuesday – Keeping a Clean Home with Pets

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Sep 2016

There’s nothing better than having a furry friend as part of the family, but they can make keeping your home clean a never-ending job!

We’ve compiled a list of handy tips to ensure your lovable furry friends don’t ruin your chances of a clean home.

  1. Invest in a handheld hoover – these are invaluable for removing pet hairs from the furniture!
  2. Put your pets’ toys in the wash regularly
  3. Buy a pet bed that has a removable cover, meaning you can put it in the wash
  4. Keep a towel by the back door to wash those paws before muddy paw prints get all over the carpet!
  5. Use a squeegee on your carpets to lift the pet hairs before hoovering
  6. Place your cat’s litter tray on a garage mat to stop the litter being tracked everywhere
  7. Put food and water bowls on a placemat – this stops the bowls (and mess!) sliding around when your pet is eating
  8. Use a lint roller on soft furnishings like pillows to remove pet hairs – quick and easy if you have guests arriving
  9. Put on your marigolds and rub down your sofa/pet bed/carpet. The hair gathers up into one easy-to-dispose of ball
  10. Shampoo your carpets regularly (a couple of times a year). This will keep your carpets smelling fresh all year round