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Tip Tuesday – Inexpensive Decorating Tips for Renters

by Well Polished Tunbridge Wells, Apr 2017

Anyone who has ever rented a property will understand the difficulty of wanting to make it your own but not being allowed to make any permanent changes. So, how do you put your own stamp on it? We’ve made a list of some inexpensive but non-permanent tips to get your house feeling like home.

Hanging photos, frames or mirrors

The first rule of renting is no nails in the walls, meaning you’re extremely limited on how you can personalise the room. But, there is a way around it! Command strips can be stuck on to the back of photos, frames and mirrors to stick them to the wall. They can easily be removed with no damage to the walls, meaning you can take them with you to your new property.

Dull walls

Are the walls looking dull and faded but you’re not allowed to change the colour? Why not refresh the paint in the same colour? A new coat will make the world of difference, giving the entire room a fresh feel. Some landlords will be happy to let you paint the walls in a neutral colour (with prior permission, obviously!) so it’s worth asking!

Add decals

If all the walls in your home are all neutral, it can quickly start to feel like there’s none of your personality on show. Use decals to add features to each room. It’s the perfect option for kids’ bedrooms, or a feature wall in a living room, and they are removable for when you move on.


Adding plants and greenery will add colour and life to your home. Even better, artificial plants are impossible to kill so no need to remember to water them!

Change doorknobs and handles

If you’ve ever lived in a property that’s had hundreds of owners before you, you’ll understand this. Doorknobs and handles can start to look old or are just not your style. Why not change them to ones that better suit your taste? Just remember to keep the old ones and switch them back before you leave!


Accessories are a great way to add a splash of colour to a neutral home! Think pillows, rugs, lamps. Then, when you start to get the decorating itch, you can buy a new set, changing the colour scheme and have a room that feels like new!

Blinds and curtains

Does your home have blinds, but you’re more of a curtain kinda person? Hang curtains with command hooks so you don’t have to make holes in the walls. Again, just remember to keep the blinds and put them back up when you move out.


If you can’t get round the neutral walls, use your furniture to add colour to the room. Repurpose old chairs or bar stools by painting them in a bold colour to act as a focal point of the room.