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Tip Tuesday – Christmas Series – DIY Decorations

by Emma Lord, Dec 2016

Only 12 days to go!

If your decorations haven’t been up since 1st December, or your like us and think you can never have too many, take a look at some of our favourite DIY decorations and get crafting!

  1. Pine cone christmas trees
  2. Bauble wreath
  3. Wine cork reindeer
  4. Christmas tree
  5. Tiny pompoms
  6. Centrepiece candles
  7. Popsicle stick christmas trees
  8. Picture frame wreath
  9. Christmas tree napkins
  10. Oversized snowflakes
  11. Snow globes
  12. Ribbon and bead christmas trees
  13. Mason jar lights
  14. Christmas wine glasses
  15. Sequin baubles